Spider Control

Hobo SpiderStar Pest Control offers spider removal services to customers throughout Surrey and the Lower Mainland. All of our spider removal services for residential and commercial buildings are performed by our highly trained and experienced team of Surrey pest control professionals.

How to Get Rid of Spiders?

As the seasons change, chances are that you will begin to find more traces of spiders in the home or office. While webs are the primary indicator that there are spiders living inside, seeing spiders crawling around inside may mean that you have a spider infestation. Spiders can often be found crawling or resting on ceilings and occasionally on table surfaces or floors. While getting rid of one or two spiders can be a simple process for anyone, getting rid of an entire spider infestation is a complicated process that should be performed by a Surrey pest control professional.


Common Problems Caused by Spiders

Even though spiders are more of a nuisance than a hazard, having spiders in the home or office is often thought of as intolerable. While some species of spiders may bite humans from time to time, most spider bites are not hazardous to humans. Aside from physical harm, spiders can cause psychological distress, ruining the aesthetic of a Surrey home or building.

Spider Prevention in Surrey

Since spiders tend to enter the building through gaps and openings, it is important to keep windows and doors closed and properly sealed, as well as to caulk any gaps in the foundation wall. Try keeping the Surrey home or building free from any insects or old spider webs to deter new spiders from entering the space.

Spider Removal Services from Star Pest Control

If you are living in the Surrey area and think that you might have a spider infestation, get in touch with the Surrey pest control professionals from Star Pest Control today. No matter what type of spider you have in your home, our team of pest control professionals will eradicate the problem quickly and efficiently.


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