Bird Removal

BirdsThe professional bird removal experts from Star Pest Control in Surrey have vast experience in controlling and removing all types of birds from both residential and commercial properties. All of our bird removal services are specifically designed to remove any pest birds in an efficient and timely manner.

What are Common Problems Caused by Birds?

One of the most common problems caused by several species of pest birds is that they are capable of transmitting diseases to both humans and livestock. These diseases can be transmitted both through touching the birds and through their droppings. Birds can also cause drainage issues or fire hazards, as they like to nest in small crevices, drains, and gutters. Some species of birds may be aggressive towards people or other native bird species, and often serve as a host for parasites, such as fleas, mites, and ticks.

Bird Control and Removal

Modifying the surrounding environment can go a long way in helping property owners get rid of birds. Consider using netting or spike strips to prevent birds from landing and nesting or using noise devices, such as generators that mimic the sounds of natural predators, to deter birds from staying in the area. If the birds you are trying to control or remove are aggressive or protected by the Migratory Bird Act, call a Surrey pest control professional to deal with the problem legally and effectively.

Bird Prevention in Surrey

Decreasing water sources in favourable nesting locations, such as on roofs or around air conditioners, can help prevent birds from nesting on your property. Getting rid of any notable food sources, as well as tightly covering outdoor garbage containers can also help prevent birds from nesting on your property.

Bird Removal Services from Star Pest Control

If you have a bird problem at your Surrey home or business and are unsure if you can handle the problem in an effective and humane way, call the Surrey pest control professionals at Star Pest Control today. Our team has vast knowledge and experience with removing all types of birds, which means you can rest assured that your bird problem will be solved for good.


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