Carpet Beetle Exterminator

Carpet beetlesStar Pest Control offers residential and commercial carpet beetle removal services to customers throughout Surrey and the Lower Mainland. All of our Surrey pest control services are performed by our highly experienced pest control team, so you can rest easy knowing that you will not have to worry about carpet beetles again.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles like to live in dark places, such as under or inside furniture, in cabinets containing dry food, and at the edge of carpets. If you find damage in one of these areas, chances are that you will also find carpet beetles nearby. Once you have located the source of the carpet beetles, vacuum the area thoroughly along with any upholstered furniture that cannot be washed. While vacuuming can help eliminate a carpet beetle infestation, the best way to remove an infestation for good is to hire a Surrey pest control professional to handle the extermination process for you.

Carpet Beetle Removal

Boric acid powder is a common DIY favourite when it comes to killing carpet beetles because it can also kill larvae and eggs, which can often survive simply vacuuming; however, the safest way to ensure that your carpet beetle infestation has been completely exterminated is to call a Surrey pest control professional. A pest control professional will be able to help you get rid of any existing carpet beetles, larvae, and eggs, while also helping you prevent future infestations from occurring.

Surrey Carpet Beetle Prevention

Carpet beetles are often carried inside via plants or flowers, so regularly checking gardens and flowers around the home or building may help eliminate the risk of an infestation. You will also benefit from regularly cleaning rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture, closets, and stored fabric like clothing. Checking window screens, doors, and vents for durability, as well as removing any spider webs or dead animals in vents and the attic in your Surrey home can also be a good way to deter carpet beetles.

Carpet Beetle Removal Services from Star Pest Control

If you are living in the Surrey area and think that you might have a carpet beetle infestation in your home or business, contact the Surrey pest control professionals at Star Pest Control today. No matter how big of a carpet beetle infestation you have, there is no job our team cannot handle.


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